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Festival Nómade is an experience of exchange and reconnection that takes place on the coast in the 10th Region in Southern Chile February 6 - 12, 2018 . It’s a multicultural gathering that promotes a simple lifestyle in terms of tangible material goods, and at the same time, presents a journey rich in sounds, trades, and cultures.

During its first days the festival takes shape as a platform for learning, giving space to practices from multiple disciplines and allowing for a more intimate exploration between all those participating in the experience. On the fourth day the celebration begins. It’s one anchored in a deep musical journey that gives life to a cultural symbiosis between ancient and contemporary sounds.

At Festival Nómade an environment is co-created in order to experience a new paradigm - one of togetherness and collaboration, where there are no spectators, but where everyone is an active member, open to exchange and to forming a community anchored in respect for land, culture, and diversity.

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Festival Nómade invites facilitators to guide us in learning many new trades and practices. Workshops and activities foster a close-knit and unbiased environment where we find ourselves as one community, where we create bonds, exchange visions of the world, and connect from different branches, simultaneously acquiring new tangible and intangible knowledge.

When we understand ourselves and our place in the world, the celebration begins. This years’ workshops and lectures will include:

holistic activities

Acroyoga, vinyasa, kundalini, meditation, tribal dance

outdoor activities

Hiking, surfing, slackline


Leave No Trace, Edible Forest, and more


storytelling, unlearning consumerism

*You must sign up for all talks and workshops beforehand at the Information Booth, located in the Nomade Village. Spaces are limited for many activities.

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Line Up

The artists who converge on the Festival Nómade stage take part in an exploration anchored in the rescue of the musical roots of Latin American and the world. Folklorists and electronic music producers unite to share their work, generating spontaneous collaborations and constructing a bridge that links essential sounds of indigenous peoples with a world-renowned dance scene. The 2018 line up will be available soon


Nomades will converge in the Reserva Costera Mapu Lahual, X Region of Los Lagos, Chile, recognized as one of the most important areas of biological diversity in the world.

This region is blanketed by virgin Valdivian rainforest, decorated by estuaries and river banks, and kissed by the formidable Pacific Ocean.

HOW TO ARRIVE: The journey to the festival begins February 6, 2018 at a designated meeting point. Together in vehicle we’ll climb the mountains towards the coast, then descend on foot through a thousand-year-old forest of alerce, arrayan, ulmo and coihue. The 10km hike is through native forest, assimilating you to its nature, its green moss, the shade of its trees. It changes your step, heartening you to follow a more tranquil rhythm.

It’s an incredible trail that is worth the effort of walking down, and it will surprise you at each turn with hidden views and deserted beaches. You’ll start off with one energy and arrive with another.

At this time, specific directions to the festival site and information about the Nomade Shuttle will be emailed directly to ticket holders in the weeks prior to the event date. To generally organize your travel plans to the region:

The closest big city is Osorno. You can reach Osorno via airplane or bus from Santiago or most other major cities in Chile.

The bus terminal in Osorno offers frequent local transportation to the surrounding towns, including the area where the Meeting Point will be.

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Ticket f982db9a0ee7d19a86445a0d0f096f1c1288c17015a47d75ecd04c4be562e9e9
  • + 7 days of Festival Nomade + 6 nights access to general campgrounds (Feb 6 - 12)
  • + Access to workshops, lectures, and activities
  • + Guided 10km trek from trailhead to festival site, round trip
  • + Nomade Shuttle transportation from Meeting Point to trailhead NOT included. Must reserve seats separately. More information will be available soon.


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Single Bed in 5-person shared Bell Tent


6 nights in co-ed, 5-person shared bell tent (Feb 6 - 12). .
Includes single inflatable mattress, pillow, and blankets

* One person per bed,, must also purchase General Admission Ticket

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2-person private tent


6 nights in private 2-person tent (Feb 6 - 12)
Includes inflatable mattress, vestibule for storage, and it will already be set up upon your arrival

* 2 people maximum per tent, each individual much also purchase General Admission Ticket

* All purchases are non-refundable. Tickets may be transferred to another ticket holder until January 1, 2018.


parking and access

We highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the shuttle transportation we provide to and from the festival site on February 6 & 12. Don’t miss it! You’ll be able to pre-reserve seats soon.

Arriving to the festival site by personal vehicle is not easy, as the roads are steep, difficult, and often inaccessible due to weather. If you chose to arrive in your personal 4x4 vehicle, please only park in the designated zones. Each vehicle will pay a parking fee directly to the community.

There is safe parking available near the Nomade Shuttle stop. Each vehicle will pay a parking fee directly to the community. There is frequent public transportation to the Nomade Shuttle stop location. Detail will be provided via email to ticket holders.

water & light

There is no electricity There is no where to charge your electronics. Embrace the disconnection. Be present. Reconnect with the natural surroundings.

Bring a lantern or headlamp to find your way to your tent at night.

There will be access to potable water at the festival site. Bring your reusable bottle!


Be prepared for varying weather. It will rain. And then the sun will shine. And then it will be very cold at night. Remember, you’re on the coast in the South of Chile.

Bring rain jackets, sun block, lots of layers, dry socks, a warm sleeping bag, and a sturdy tent!


Please limit the amount of unnecessary trash you bring in Remove any extra plastic packaging from the items you bring. Elect for durable, reusable items (like toiletries, cooking utensils, etc) over one-time-use items. Be conscious of the waste you generate, you’re responsible for it!

Help us reduce our waste! Take the time to separate recyclables (glass, aluminum, plastic) and compost (organic waste) from landfill waste.

Use your reusable cup at the Nomade bar and kiosk. You’ll get a free reusable cup when you arrive to the festival! Yahoo!


We encourage you to leave your pets at home. A music festival, when its celebration is at its peak, may not be the safest place for your friend.

There are delicious free roaming farm animals throughout the festival site, so please keep your pet under control at all times.


There are no ATMs! Bring all the cash you’ll need for the entire festival

Remember to bring small bills because the local families aren’t often equipped with much change.


There is a local medic on call 24-7 during the festival who is equipped with basic medical supplies, but remember: the festival site is very remote. We are 3 hours from the closest hospital in the case of a serious injury.

Practice self care during your time at Nomade, listen to your body, eat well, sleep well, hydrate, and help look after your friends and community too.

Be aware of the power of the ocean - it is not apt for swimming. And respect the mystique of the forest - when exploring, please stay on trail and always bring along a friend.


You can purchase food & drink at the kiosk in Nomade Village. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.

Many local families will be serving up delicious local cuisine in their homes. Locations of the houses can be found at the Information Booth in the Nomade Village.

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We believe in the importance of tradition and ancestral wisdom as a tool to develop a way of life that is in harmony with nature.

We believe in the power of music as a transformative, healing, unifying element, capable of communicating ideas, mitigating differences, and assembling hearts under the eaves of a common, selfless, and genuine passion.

We trust in the existence of people capable of collaborating instead of competing, open to working as a team, co-creating, and in service of the development of a society built on fellowship, respect, and tolerance.

And we firmly believe in the wisdom of the forests, the will of the ocean, the passion of the volcanoes, and the resolve of the wind.

The Nomade collective is a global family, made up of individuals from all corners of the world, each supporting the growth and momentum of our collaborative work through contributions of music, art, organization, network building, and friendship.

This summer 2017 we launched a crowdfunding campaign to take to even further reaches of the world our dreams of generating genuine cultural exchange and the new Latin American sound. Thank you to all of you who donated, shared, and supported!

Philipp Neisskenwirth // Andrew Goodwin // tanvargas // Michael Katakyie Wagner // Andi P // Loic Gruson // Benjamin Harris // Simon Brunet // Nico Bascuñán // Leonardo Ortegon // Adrien Hobt // María Jesús Lewin // Manuela Barone // Jelena Ura // Paloma Paredes // Nawfal Khalil // Illya Krit // Clara De Ugarte // Z. Pascal Sutter // Horacio Pardo // Michael Batmanian // franssu // anjahenckel // Laurent // Koepp // Lena Jott // Eirik Inderhaug Hjelle // Gustavo De Oliveira Stehlind // Matej Al-Ali // Manuel Mate // Roberta Rebori // sebastianmtnez // Anthony Samaha // Bruno Salgado Zayas // Kristin Glenewinkel // Amy Garcia Kennedy // Sergio Rebelo // Bue Møller Andersen // Guillaume Daudon // Lukas Weidemann // Lukas Ramming // Ross Veenstra // Mathilda // Oscar Arroyo // Nicola Tadini // AndShe Mal // Louis Lafont de Sentenac // Martin Curella // Nicola Cruz // Cami Boreal // John Krueger // Tom Steveling // Amy Clamp // Conne Elconn // Marisa Kellogg // leoniea // Bryan Arturo // Michael Wagner // Nelson Gaete // Catalina Abuhadba Garcia // Patrick et Stephanie // Daniel Froehlich // Marcelo Nauto // julio lau n // Claudia fantuzzi gonzalez // Thomas Gaarthuis // Jessica Fefer // Pete Gossens // Familia Akumandra // sprenger jenny // Patricio gómez meneses // Eli Levinson // ramonawouters // wgsaussay // petaugustin // be.lanuit // Agustin Rivaldo // Hannah Straten // flo moles // John Jairo Ramírez Cervera // Fin Barge // Julia Breul // Daniela Bertin Teuber // Alejandro Gomez // Valerie Struve // Armin Seltz // spacefarmer710 // carolina.pissarro // Elisa Georgi // Sascha Petzold // cnibieta // Ben Long // Anja Thiem // Sergio Rebelo // Long Tran // Basili Enrich Seguí // Esteban Vargas Rojas // Anamaria Anca // Marcel Wetzstein // Raphaël Vogeli // Makis Zeg // Russell Slater // Lisa Schulz // Eli Levinson // valentina.abalzati // Marc Lindstedt // Nicolas koch // Dorothée Arnaud // Andrea Hepp // Robin John Perkins // edwige.dubois.cherrie // sprenger.jenny // djsabo // Richard Gruhle // francisco javier henriquez morel // Pola Covarrubias // Matu Delic // Yves Taquet // Andres Flavio Soriano Opazo // stone.valentina // Claudia Chamas // Raul Llamas Kirchhoff // Josefina Valenzuela Cortez // Nicolás Abuhadba // Vincent Pieroth // David Merz // camilavargas // David Ion // Tarek Kutay // Martin Mahoney // Bue Møller Andersen // Ron Schoenberg // Lukas Nauruschat // Kilian Chaunière // Michael Schlump // swantje.hinrichs // Xavier Fabre // Nicholas Zucchetti // Gloria Paulina González Chávez // Roberto Rivadeneira // Ca Ro // Nicole Mousley // stephen.achcar // Ignacio Correa Gumucio // Bertault cindy // Gregori Alejandro Vivanco Astudillo // Jonathan Mella // Isabel Johanna Wolf // Nico Brandt // Björn Barutzki // joel périat // alejandro marin garcia // Salhida Odzini // Sthefano Cavalari Duque // Elba Cabrera // Mathieu Spitzer // Karin Liechti // katrin pretterebner // mauricio javier toledo patiño // Ines de freslon // Griffin Crafts // Ákos Gyöngy // Susanne Andreas // Anne Schömig // Antoine ATUYER // Johannes Ruisinger // Georg Stiegelmair // Dilara Acikgoez // Sergio Fuentes Pulgar // Marco Kleb // juan pablo cerabolo // stephanie scardino // Oliver Rottmann // Felipe arturo Matamala andrades // Marc Helmke // Anand Radhakrishnan // Besnik Hyseni // Ruud Kalis // Philippe Birker // Michal Floyd // Nicholas Zucchetti // Nicholas Zucchetti // Jonathan Mella // Ivan Martinez Vidal // nadia yañez salazar // Hinnerk Beetz // Karla Sperling // Robert Barth // leo manow // Mathilda // Mark McMonigal // Rafaella Bogsan Della Rosa // Bjanka Mujicic // Felipe Andres Campos Zamorano // Matheus Felipe Xavier // Mauricio nudman // Andrea Quiroga // Luiza Alves de Oliveira // Lutz Lehmann // Andre Antonio Campos Romero // Juan Pablo Valenzuela // Carlos Garcia Reus // Jacob Mooney // John & Mary Ann Hannigan // Oscar Hugo Espin García // Julia Piva de Albuquerque // Jonathan Mella // Julia Heckmann // Francisco G. V // Matias Agustin Estevez Garcia // Eduardo Heideke // diego delanoe // Philippine Sellam // Franziska Schwachheim // María Graciela Severino // camilla falconi // Leif Ropohl // laurinoka // Ana Sano // Ana Sano // Francisco David Infante // Shawn Lee // Patricio Aurelio gambi cabezon // Diego Olea Gómez // Nicole Mousley // Elba Cabrera // Jarcau Matei // emma karin cascales // Marcelo Carvajal Salazar // Javiera Beatriz Escobar Mellado // Tamara Deborah Cortez Lizama // Anika Kuschel y amigos // Uma Diaz // Benja Abuhadba // Macarena Galvez Cabrera // Jose Antonio Cousino R // Cristobal millar
Ourfamily img ed500af6615937d6ce629605ec057b38c8e8f4aedf8889921a4dc3ff7d5d775a
Andi andean f5e8104cd9c94a3354396f71b9b2bc55682b512427a0a44bbc5c462ba2bf635e

Andi Andean

Inspired by an extensive musical journey of a lifetime, a series of travels, bands, collaborations, teachers, and musical productions, in 2015 at age 27 Andrés Aravena created Andi.Andean. It’s a music project that fuses two worlds - Reggae-Ethnic-Africana percussion and live electronic music, creating a sound that unites two pole, and contains lots of textures and world rhythms. It presents a wide spectrum of speeds, melodies, intensities, and cultural identities of the world and beyond.

Barrio lindo cf44788c3e39676ea8c6c632414d4d50d7675b429440ddfe307585d4e6725ffa

Barrio Lindo

Berlin-based, Colombian-Argentine electronic musician and luthier Agustín Rivaldo, aka Barrio Lindo, has immersed himself into the exploration of his cultural roots, comparing, contrasting, and filtering them through his contemporary self to create shimmering soundscapes. His enchanting, rhythmic tunes are crafted by homemade tools - Barrio Lindo constructs flutes, marimbas and guitars, builds his own sound library, and then weaves musical stories of ritual, history, and heritage.

Biomigrant a74350c3f87e1bb558ee2e0f3070633332de2b4066c43b75e44e775bbb39f75b


With an endless curiosity and ears adept at hearing beautiful music in any landscape that surrounds him, North American born, Colombian-based producer Biomigrant serves up a suite of dance rhythms that showcase his extensive travels throughout Latin America. Calls of excited market vendors, chirping crickets in the jungle, waves crashing on the shore - original field recordings are folded seamlessly into rhythms of Son Jarocho, Cumbia, Bullerengue, pre-hispanic music and Son Cubano, and then enriched by mixing of live guitar, flute, and African drum

Carrot press f8052ebc4ed808cec904fe5c129a52dc8f511d4d8199903c1d541a5bad66f45b

Carrot Green

Carioca, Brazil producer Carrot Green generally makes electronic music, but after listening to his sets and productions it is difficult to define it with just one style. From classic 4x4 beats, ethnic-Brazilian mixes and flirts with different climates, he does not leave aside pillars of Disco and Techno.

Derrok 20990f6565695be5ba947c665041eae2fca7af0c631abbc4d65887440ca2b926


The Andean mountain range, its glaciers, the water flowing through the ground, lush evergreen forests, the song of native birds and ancestral melodies - these are some of the experiences that come with the rhythms of Derrok, who develops a symbiosis with the elements of today’s electronic music.

Gama 2 30742861dd94a61120535d9f1f32c9f6290b00fd2c7c85495da5439a1f2ea2e2


Game is a multidisciplinary artist born in a smaller city of the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Having grown up in a conservative city Gama has adopted a polysemic and enigmatic posture on zir music-making as way to express zir androgynous uncategorizable being. Without words or images, Gama distorts and combine genres, environments and cultures setting up a dream-like patchwork narrative. The music was what first made Gama come aboard the Voodoohop spaceship in early 2016, and since then have been exponentially hooked with the group. Gama have also collaborated to audiovisual productions, installations, such as VJ Suave’s virtual reality installation: 'The essential is invisible to the eyes' and is currently investigating collective creation and performance art. Gama has no fixed base at the moment.

Lagartijeando d35593ab08fb1aaeab68d53b96eccbf07cf6408a4d48c55ced7b304ae8bb42df


Emerging from the countryside outside of Buenos Aires, Lagartijeando is crossing over the Andes bringing on his tailwind a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of different Latin American folkloric styles. Peruvian huaynos, Argentinian vidalas, and cumbia collide with hip-hop and house drum beats, illuminating native sounds with modern sonic engineering. Lagartijeando coaxes you onto the dance floor to partake in a space-time adventure, paying homage to our ancestors’ stories and celebrating the multicolored present.

Peter power 7507aa736e2c489fd52411c10928d0a9d408666a6abbde531641ae89a5de3273

Peter Power

Ripplings of the outer fringes, Spirals of the cosmic fugue, Atmospheric impulses plucked from the aether, Ancient echoes, awake into life.

Little trickles, spine tingles, Nervous roots squirrelling out, Topsy-turvy, fragile harmony, An ancient network of serpentine technology.

Hanging in the balance, life relinquishes control, To catch the rise, and enjoy the fall, In the dark realm of sacred light, Life is beautiful after all…

Pigmaliao e6f35801d23b3bbe337627c14df5332aea5b450af53ad5ea8fbe4e6e4827531c


Brazilian producer and ringleader of Latin American music label Frente Bolivarista, Daniel Lucas, aka Pigmalião, creates a whirling-twirling musical expedition, a serenade of global sounds that stems from a multi-layered production of cosmopolitan beats, melodious mechanic reverberations, and tranquilizing tempos. Pigmalião has toured worldwide, taking listeners on a tantalizing voyage across continents.

Sidirum 63b0fb9b9aff6e8a7d6bfb7de4f23ebf10d121ac5f1cbbadfba6070562913dfe


SidiRum is a project of Nicolás Bruschi, DJ and producer from Buenos Aires whose sound combines electronic elements with organic instrumentation dirived from Latin American follore music. His style is often compared to artists such as Chancha Via Circuito or Nicola Cruz, and has performed at venues and stages around the world, including Berlin (Katerblau, Fusion Festival and Chalet), São Paulo (Kubik and Sónido Trópico), Riga (Kometa Festival), Zurich (Party in the Woods), Túlum (Hotel Nómade), Bogotá (Festival Nómade), Londres (Secret Garding Party y Passing Clouds) y Madrid (Tropical Camp), among other cities. His debut EP “Le Soleil” was released in 2014 by the Chilean label Regional, was well received the world over, and was selected as one of the best free albums of the year by Sounds and Colours (UK). In 2015 he released his second EP “Intercambio” through the London-based label New Hispanic Music with excellent reviews. At the end of 2016 he launched his third EP 'Luna' through the Dutch label Krooks Records, of which Sounds and Colours rewarded with five stars.

Thomash 247d7f6d28a4f3308c9fa9fbf684ec30d31178576092f0c1c9d22c394ab7db12


Thomash has set up one of the most influential nights in the bazooming Brazilian scene with the Voodoohop party: a fusion of tropical psychedelia, groovy hypnotic electronica, off-beat percussion and a pinch of hedonism. A lively mix that no doubt has its genesis in his transplanted German roots (he's from Cologne aka Kompakt­ville). He plays a very versatile mixture between live and dj set, using various controllers, drum machine and a good measure of dub delay. Interestingly, Thomash has a degree in artificial intelligence, so while it might just be our imagination, it does seem that the rhythms, full of oddly tuned percussion and colorful synth stabs seem imbued with a distinct internal logic, playful forms that bounce off each other in their own reality, according to their own laws.

Martha 7651fc85da9368c5029072643b1857be56905cc71bfaae0fed9e08ab6a6fc8d5

Martha van Straaten

Martha van Straaten is one of the most important German music leaders of the year with unique performances that spice up and color festivals such as Fusion, Garbicz and Skankaloss as well as many others through South America. She combines Amazonian sounds of the jungle and origin. Her musical offering is deep and encompassing, capable of generating atmospheres that move through countries like Brazil or Colombia to then transport us to Romania with tribal sounds and new fusions of World Music

M rux e21cd3d9ccf6a66450cadae54e192ddd5033949a69c1db89442d5fa7d2722bf8

M Rux

M.Rux, who is known for his remixes,edits and DJ sets around the German capital, is more than just “a sample guy”. The musician, originally from Rostock, has an interesting and chequered musical history and says he's often torn between real instruments and the digital world. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist he has played live all around Europe, working with everything from the creators of artistic soundscapes to producing bands and film scores. On his latest Release “In The Hold“ you hear him stray from tough beats to downtempo balearic psychedelia and even leftfield soundscapes, he fuses elements of all these style to great effect. So live or dj-wise his sets travel through time and continents, eclectic, electronic but always organic.

Matanza aec352d4ae0a1ad948fda7aefa8f740acef51c657172136febf9880e45b9f83e


The Chilean trio has been part of the Nomade tribe since the Festival’s first experiment on the beaches of Caleta Condor, Chile in 2013. When on stage Luis Galvez, Vincente Vasquez and Rodrigo Gallardo unroll the alchemist's scroll, playing with elements from around the world to create alluring sonic elixirs for our tasting. These three have championed their live performance, experimenting simultaneously with charangos, quenas, marimbas, synthesizers and drum machines. They’ll navigate through a delirium of tribal tech to deliver you unto clear, melodious rhythms that could only have been inspired by the icy summits of the Andean mountains.

Huaira 4aeec00bb2146ad2bd861eecc62e111b3b646eaf5c09291697d9511889c8aa91


Huaira was born in the Andean valleys of Ecuador, root music, committed to the transformation of being through art. It is music inspired by nature, and in the investigation of ancestral knowledge, songs, ceremonies and native cultures creating a lyrical sound delivered by medicine. All this mixed with electronic beats, drums, charangos, Andean flutes, keyboard, synthesizers, guitar. Huaira has collaborated with several artists such as Nicola Cruz, Rodrigo Gallardo (MATANZA), Quixosis, Machaka among others, songs like Colibria that now sound in many corners of the planet, have made us wonder who is Huaira? This year he launches his solo project interpreted live by Daniela Baquero, Juan Diego Illescas, Julio Vicencio and Pablo Vicencio; who will take us through a landscape of sonorous emotions where it will be easy to travel carried by the song and the ceremonial music.

Fanfara electronica 45004b325e856a63990535af4db2218e026852cac9668f732e6a72a16029d8ab

Fanfara Electronica

Fanfara’s Electronica’s playground is located between the realms of electronic and world music. They dance through an electronic universe, drawing influences from Indian, Arabic, and other oriental sounds. The duo hails from Belgium, and their musical hybridizations are innovative, creating wild spaces for the free spirits and those seeking to break free of traditional constraints.

Feathered sun 7cec96b343eedb47f4df56e18c124e1befba00cd9b170b9551f5d3c8bd0a953f

Feathered Sun

Feathered sun is a collective of collaborative spirit, trying to celebrate moments in time through their music. jO.K.e and Raz O’hara record and produce in different locations, with Berlin and Lima/Peru as their main bases. With a wide ranged sound that is at the same time familiar, they start to draw ever bigger circles, touring the world and accumulating hits, especially NU with the still topical 'Who loves the Sun', sung with jO.K.e’s haunting voice.

Rico loop d9eb6ff9abe9364004a8d83d5ab13b114ab7335932e1b97005e16b33c697f5b6

Rico Loop

"RicoLoop" is a "one-man-jam", exploring the entities of music in communication with himself as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.He creates musical compositions using many different instruments and objects, including guitar, bass, keyboard, melodica, harmonica, and glass bottles, along with his voice (singing and mouth percussion, or beat-boxing). He plays and records a segment of music, which then repeats continuously. He can then play another segment of music and layer it on top of the previous one. With each layer the composition becomes more complex. This is a new technique of live-producing, teaching the audience how music is compiled and arranged, and exploring how rhythms and melodies interact. Rico’s passion is to convey images and emotions through his music.

Nochi 183d001b78da7a7e2bdb9698847abb2c9c757937fc2ad9642ae7838a5c309bec


Andre Campos Romero, AKA Nochi, is a musician and producer from the gorgeous Costa Rica graduated from the "Conservatorio de Castella". His musical spectrum composed of a cornucopia of sounds ranges from Minimal to Ska, Footwork to Dub Reggae, to DeepTech, a taste of Cumbia, a spice of Afro and a final touch of Latin Rhythms. This colorful pallet pervades in all his musical selection which hits your eardrums from all angles. He is also co-founder of Deep Underground Beats, an Artist Agency based in San Jose, Costa Rica and Founded 11 years ago by four companions with a combined 15-year experience in music, broadcasting, and design. In its lifetime, Deep Underground Beats has been pushing electronic sounds through various clubs and parties around the country, spreading good energy and even better music.

Pasaje universo da14cf9e88774b75eeefe56a9abaf0d5111813954813ee1c60051594edd2ea0b

Pasaje Universo

Argentinians Gustavo Filograsso and Pablo Rozas have played together since 2008. They began creating Argentine and Latin American folklore, but from the start, their experimentation and fusion of different styles has defined them. With the movement of their albums and tours through Argentina’s Patagonia, they’ve evolved into something more experimental and the improvisation became their show’s protagonist.

In 2011 their project took form. In achieving a completely original sound they baptized themselves as Groove ElectroOrgánico, integrating musical instruments from diverse cultures with electronic tools like loop stations and synthesizers. It’s a fusion between the spirit of ancestral Andean music and Amazonian, ceremonial, medicinal, and electronic groove. And now, each performance is less and less a concert, and more a ceremonial experience, always keeping improvisation as its central axis.

Ground 3057294a8cadd732c86cfd41917ef3f186bcd083b08119db787fa80cbaafefe4


Electricity buzzes through the soils beneath our feet. The currents are buzzing, zapping, beeping, purring. Japanese DJ Ground, with his debut performance in South America, harnesses this natural power to pour onto us as a silky, shimmering stream of energizing nourishment. His creations were awakened in 2004 within the oasis of ChillMountain Hutte, an art community and production in the wilderness of the city of Osaka. Ground sees and hears the invisible life forms that exist in the spaces between mountains and city, across the centuries, and through cultures - capturing them and transforming them into curious sounds for us all.

Beatriz pichimalen 9be61d30fbd54fc7eddca68cfe6eb10bda8052ee2dbf43460704926d074770f5

Beatriz Pichimalen

Beatriz is a popular singer of Mapuche origin, coming from the community of Los Toldos in the provenance of Buenos Aires. Her sound is a collection of the poetry, vision and strength of her people. In search of her identity and with music flowing, Beatriz lifts up the songs of “the people of the land” to make them known and regarded by all. Travel with her sound which is deserving of much recognition and which acts as an ambassador of Argentine Mapuche art. This year she is accompanied by her band composed by Horacio Ruiz and Miguel Lucio Cruz.