Del 4 al 10 de Febrero 2020

Festival Nomade is a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-cosmic experience that takes place on the coast of the 10th Region in Southern Chile February 4-10, 2020. It is a journey for those ready to break apart old, stale perspectives and plunge into a space constructed by revitalizing reconnections to nature, to your fellow humans, and to soundwaves of rhythms old and new. 

During its first days the festival takes shape as a platform for learning and exploration. Workshops, activities, presentations, and exhibitions highlight the diversity of trades, skills, and cultures that this global family has to share.  On the fourth day the celebration begins. It’s one anchored in a deep musical journey that gives life to a cultural symbiosis between the ancient, the contemporary, the organic, and the digital. 

We are a family of electric human beings who strive to construct a new paradigm – one of togetherness and collaboration, where there are no spectators, but where everyone is a proactive member, acting as conduits, generating moments of  genuine exchange, respect for community, land, culture and diversity. 


We’re bringing together the masters and the connoisseurs, the sages and the storytellers, the impassioned, the skilled, and the seasoned. There are infinite ideas, approaches, and paradigms in this kaleidoscopic universe we call home, and for that, we love nothing more than the act of learning. So, we invite you to come learn – by doing, by absorbing, by experiencing – all the new trades and practices that will be presented by talented Workshop Facilitators.

This year’s workshops & activities will delve into:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Adventure & Exploration
  • Science & Discovery
  • Art & Expression
  • Music & Dance & Rhythm
  • Building & Creations 
  • Environment & Ecology 
  • Social Consciousness

*You must sign up for each workshop at the Information Booth. Some workshops have limited capacity. Attendance to most workshops & activities is free with your General Admission Ticket, however a few activities will require a small fee, paid directly to community members or in order to cover added costs.


Festival Nomade is a nice place to disconnect from the bustle & dance with the rhythms of the mountains & forest, but it also has always been & always will be a little petri dish of discovery — where bonds are created, collaborations born, visions exchanged, skills gained, and community blossoms. 

What’s your specialty? What’s your passion? Are you willing to share it with your fellow Nomades?

We’re still seeking…

Workshop Facilitators

To teach, lead, and guide participants through the exploration of various disciplines and trades, communicating & transmitting skills & knowledge both tangible & intangible. 

Nomade Aldea Vendors

Who’d like to barter, exchange, sell, haggle and hustle their goods. We’re looking for artists and craftspeople who produce handmade, homegrown, and socio- environmental responsible trinkets and treats.

Art Installations + Performances

Showcasing any and all materials, styles, and form of expression that spark curiosity and wonder.



Fata & Morgana



Sarah Kreis

Barrio Lindo






J Patterson


R vincenzo


Lola Villa

Mente Organica


the place

Nomades will converge in the Reserva Costera Mapu Lahual, X Region of Los Lagos, Chile. Recognized as one of the most important areas of biological diversity in the world, the valley is blanketed by virgin Valdivian rainforest, decorated by estuaries and meandering river banks, and kissed by the formidable Pacific Ocean.

How to Arrive

You can now reserve your seat on the Nomade Shuttle! The Nomade Shuttle is the most convenient, adventurous, and efficient way to get to and from Festival Nomade in Manquemapu. Once you’ve purchased your General Admission Ticket, you can reserve your seat to arrive to the festival on Tuesday, February 4 and get yourself back home on Sunday, February 9 and Monday, February 10. Don’t miss your ride!

The Shuttle will pick you up from a designated meeting point that will be emailed directly directly to ticket holders. Together in vehicle we’ll climb the mountains towards the coast, then descend on foot through a thousand-year-old forest of alerce, arrayan, ulmo and coihue. The 10km hike is through native forest, assimilating you to its nature, its green moss, the shade of its trees. It changes your step, heartening you to follow a more tranquil rhythm. It’s an incredible trail that is worth the effort of walking down, and it will surprise you at each turn with hidden views and deserted beaches. You’ll start off with one energy and arrive with another. 

Remember Nomades: Arrive open-hearted, without expectations, and ready for adventure. 

To generally organize your travel plans to the region: 

  • The closest big city is Osorno. You can reach Osorno via airplane or bus from Santiago or most other major cities in Chile. 
  • The bus terminal in Osorno offers frequent local transportation to the surrounding towns, including the area where the Nomade Shuttle meeting point will be.

Everyone who purchases a General Admission Ticket (including Early Bird tickets) has access to the general campgrounds for 6 nights (February 4-9). Bring your tent, roll out your sleeping bag and cozy up with your friends for the week. 

We are a multi-generational family. Humans young and old – both little baby sprouts and our dearest elders – are welcome to come together to celebrate hand in hand. 

  • Children ages 14 and under, and adults ages 60 and older may attend for free. 
  • Please email us directly at [email protected] if you or a family member will be taking advantage of this age-specific ticket. You still must pre-register your name to gain entrance to the Festival. 

Please remember that although a multi-generational event, we have no designated family camping. You will be camping & celebrating amongst all other Festival-goers. If bringing along young children, full supervision is required at all times. 

* All purchases are nonrefundable. Tickets may be transferred to another ticketholder until January 1, 2020

Do you want to travel light? We have a few accommodation options for you!

Single Bed in 5-person shared Bell Tent:

  • 6 nights in co-ed, 5-person shared bell tent (Feb 4 – 9)
  • Includes single inflatable mattress, pillow, and blankets
  • One person per bed, must also purchase General Admission Ticket

Private 2-Person Tent:

  • 6 nights in private 2-person tent (Feb 4 – 9)
  • Includes inflatable mattress, vestibule for storage, and it will already be set up upon your arrival
  • 2 people maximum per tent, each individual much also purchase General Admission Ticket

Private 4-Person Tent:

  • 6 nights in private 4-person tent (Feb 4 – 9)
  • Includes inflatable mattress, vestibule for storage, and it will already be set up upon your arrival
  • 4 people maximum per tent, each individual much also purchase General Admission Ticket

Things You Should Know


  • We highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the Nomade Shuttle we provide to & from the festival site on February 4 & 10. Don’t miss it! This is the true portal between the outside world & Festival Nomade. Reserve your seat → Nomade Shuttle Tickets
  • Arriving to the festival site by personal vehicle is NOT easy as the roads are steep, difficult, and often inaccessible due to weather. If you choose to arrive in your personal 4×4 vehicle, please only park in the designated zones. Each vehicle will pay a parking fee directly to the community.


  • There is no electricity. There is no way to charge your electronics. Embrace the disconnection. Be present. Reconnect with your fellow humans and the natural surroundings. 
  • Bring a lantern or headlamp to find your way to your tent at night.
  • There will be access to potable water at the festival site. Bring your reusable water bottle!


  • The campgrounds are in open pasture. There are no trees to camp under, so bring shade & rain protection, and don’t plan on sleeping in your hammock.
  • Composting toilets are available for your daily business transactions. Never used a composting toilet before? That’s ok! You’re going to love it. They work slightly differently from a traditional water toilet, so please follow the instructions provided in the toilet to keep them clean & functioning properly.
  • There are a few showers available for you to freshen up. Water is heated via solar energy so if there is no sun, water may be brisk. Remember, showering with cold water is just another opportunity to meditate and reach higher states of consciousness.
  • Waste water from the showers & sinks are processed through a grey water system. Please do not dispose of any chemicals or toxic materials at the campgrounds. Washing with biodegradable soaps is best!
  • Campers are welcome to bring & cook their own food, but there are no public kitchen facilities available. Campers may bring their own cooking supplies. Fires are only permitted in designated fire pits.


  • Be prepared for varying weather. It will rain. And then the sun will shine. And then it will be very cold at night. Remember, you’re on the coast in the South of Chile. 
  • Bring rain jackets, sun block, lots of layers, dry socks, a warm sleeping bag and a sturdy tent!


  • Proper waste management in this remote region is a huge challenge! Festival Nomade puts a lot of energy into reducing waste generated by our operations and we invite you to do the same.
  • We ask each individual to pack out what they pack in. We’re asking you to be responsible & conscious of the waste you generate. The food wrappers, baby wipes, dental floss & all other single-use items you’ve stashed in your pack can be just as easily repacked for your trip home. Thank you 🙂
  • Please, don’t even think about leaving larger items – like your broken tent or stained sweatshirt – at the festival site. It’s happened before and it’s just not cool!
  • Pro Tip: Limit the amount of unnecessary trash you bring in. Remove any extra packaging from the items you bring and opt for durable, reusable items over single-use crap.
  • There will be a handful of recycling & compost points across the festival site. Yahuu! Have fun taking the time to separate your material waste and wishing it well on the next leg of its journey.


  • We encourage you to leave your pets at home. A music festival, when its celebration is at its peak, may not be the safest place for your friend. 
  • There are delicious free roaming farm animals throughout the festival site, so please keep your pet under control at all times.


  • There are no ATMs! We have NO way to accept credit cards! Bring all the cash you’ll need for the entire festival. 
  • For exchanges at the Nomade bar & Nomade food stands we’ll be using a festival-only currency. These monies can be acquired at the Information Booth. Local families will still be accepting cash payments. 
  • It’s always a good idea to be equipped with small bills.


  • There is a local medic on call 24-7 during the festival who is equipped with basic medical supplies, but remember: the festival site is very remote. We are 3 hours from the closest hospital in case of a serious injury. 
  • Practice self care during your time at Festival Nomade. Listen to your body, eat well, sleep well, hydrate and help look after your friends and fellow Nomades. 
  • Be aware of the power of the ocean – it is not apt for swimming. The river is a nice place to enjoy a soak.  
  • The forest is enormous, dark & deep. Most trails are not well marked. Although we encourage spending time amongst the trees, please note: it is easy to become lost and has happened before. Please stay on trail, always bring a friend along with you, tell someone where you’re going, and be sure to be supplied with food & water.


  • You can purchase food & drink at the kiosks in Nomade Village. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available. 
  • Many local families will be serving up delicious local cuisine in their homes. Don’t miss these home cooked meals! Locations of the houses can be found at the Information Booth in the Nomade Village.
Stay Tuned​
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